Enlightenment Is Real

From planetary ruin to politics, it’s easy to see that we humans have hit the limits of our current level of consciousness. How much pain and destruction lies ahead depends on how quickly we take human consciousness to the next

Earth: More Than a Raw Material — an Ecosystem

For too long our civilization has treated the planet as 100% raw material, 0% living ecosystem. It’s a severe misperception and a mistake that, multiplied by some seven billion people, can no longer be ignored. As an entrepreneur I

Clear and Present Solutions for the Climate Crisis

The conversation around climate change seems to be shifting from “Is it real?” and “Is it really all that serious?” to are more earnest and urgent, “Well now what do we do?” And the answers is? Wide-ranging and often

Why Magic Lost to Technology (and why it’s making a comeback)

Somewhere during human history magic lost to technology. Technology came to dominate our mindshare while magic was relegated

Money is a Neurotransmitter

Money was a great invention. With it, we found a way to get people to do things for us, or give things to us,