Often I’ll finish writing something and be quite content with it only to feel a little while later that the whole thing is completely wrong — not logically wrong but wrong in how it sounds; wrong in what it’s even about. Conversely I have stumbled onto things that I had
It’s strange how everyone knows what ghosts are though we don’t bump into them often (or ever, some might say). Still we intuitively understand what a ghost is or, at least, what a ghost would be. But maybe the reason ghosts are such a common conception is because we actually
I’ve heard a lot of different theories about the point of life. Everything from salvation and afterlives to there being no point at all, or that the point of life is just whatever I want it to be. I spent years trying out those perspectives. Then one day I had
A friend asked me recently during lunch why I grow food when I live in the city and can buy it all. Don’t I believe in the division of labor? Why make life unnecessarily hard? But lots of things are unnecessarily hard. Eating a sandwich, for instance. All that chewing
There is a dumpster behind a book store in my hometown. At 2AM of a Saturday it’s full of trash, coffee grounds, and three drunk teenage boys.  Every few minutes, out of the top, over the metal side, onto the ground, the dumpster spits out a book or magazine. Eventually
Back before Gandhi became Gandhi, he was a young man in England studying law. Doing so required financial support from a dozen relatives. It wasn’t his plan so much as theirs; they hoped he would one day secure a high paying government job and support the family. He was expected