There Are No Orcs

Stories like the Lord of the Rings make me want to do something brave. When the movie ends or I set down the book, I nearly call for my sword. But I have no sword or anyone to swing one at. Then I remember: there are no Orcs. I wishContinue Reading
My travel companion and I finished breakfast at the restaurant and stood up to leave. But before going there was something I wanted to say. “I’m grateful that we found this restaurant. There was no wait and we had nice seats looking out from this big window. And the staffContinue Reading

How to Become Gandhi

I encountered the life of Gandhi in my late twenties through the movie and his autobiography. I was astounded by how driven he was toward a purpose few have touched, how he owned almost nothing but the clothes he wore, how he was revered by friends and even political enemies,Continue Reading
Interstellar disappointed me. Not that I dislike technology or space exploration, in fact I’ve made my living as a tech entrepreneur. I’m even a limited partner in a space-focused venture capital fund. But Interstellar missed a huge opportunity. In the movie, a blight is destroying nearly all the world’s foodContinue Reading

Periodic Protein Restriction

One of my favorite dietary technologies is Periodic Protein Restriction.[1] I covered it years ago on the site as part of other posts. But now, having withstood the test of time and grown in popularity, I’m finally giving it a post of its own. What it is: Periodic Protein RestrictionContinue Reading