There Are No Orcs

Stories like the Lord of the Rings make me want to do something brave. When the movie ends or I set down the book, I nearly call for my sword. But I have no sword or

Gratitude Snacks & Brainwaves

My travel companion and I finished breakfast at the restaurant and stood up to leave. But before going there was something I wanted to say.


How to Become Gandhi

I encountered the life of Gandhi in my late twenties through the movie and his autobiography. I was astounded by how driven he was toward a purpose few have touched,

Interstellar’s Missed Opportunity

Interstellar disappointed me. Not that I dislike technology or space exploration, in fact I’ve made my living as a tech entrepreneur. I’m even a limited partner in a space-focused venture capital fund. But Interstellar missed a huge opportunity.

Periodic Protein Restriction

One of my favorite dietary technologies is Periodic Protein Restriction.[1] I covered it years ago on the site as part of other posts. But now, having withstood the test of time and grown in popularity, I’m finally giving it a post of its own.