A friend who is also on a high-fat diet, lamented one day how our local Whole Foods lacked a full-fat, grass-fed, yogurt. In a brilliant move, which at the time I considered naive, she wrote them to ask if they would please carry some. Ten days later, it was on
The biggest mistake people make when trying paleo or some variant is that they increase their fat intake too little. They cut back on carbs but instead of eating more fat they eat protein excessively. Having been steeped in a low-fat, lipid-fearing paradigm, many of us since birth, it takes
Soft-boiled eggs and MCT. This simple pairing has become one of my favorite quick meals and for those in the health-optimizing, paleo, biohacker communities, it should serve you well. Here’s why: Soft-boiled — Probably the simplest and purest way to cook eggs is by soft-boiling them. The egg cooks right inside the
Update: About two weeks into this, I was stopped in my tracks with the sudden realization that I’d lately been happier (more content, peaceful, fulfilled, etc.) than usual. More significantly, I realized that I’d been so for days. Unlike my typical experience of reality (general dissatisfaction punctuated by momentary highs),
The great thing about learning a foreign language while abroad is the opportunity for immersion. But such opportunities are disappearing fast. Everyone seems to speak some amount of English now, meaning an English speaker rarely has to use a foreign language to communicate. Locals, when confronted with such a horrendous
In a world where so many products amount to little more than fads and distractions, one cutting edge piece of technology has lately won me over: the modern wood stove.* With it, I plan to heat my home this winter entirely with wood. Free wood. I came by this plan
A friend went on the paleo diet and lost 30 lbs. He got down to his target weight and felt better than he’d felt in a long time. Despite these positive results neither he nor I, as his coach, were satisfied with his body composition. He was still a bit
I recently came to terms with the fact that I was unhappy and had been for days. Ignoring it was becoming too difficult and I was tired of feeling this way. I thought, “This is no way to live! What am I doing wrong?” Next morning I broke from the
Soon I’ll have completed courses in motorcycle riding and professional driving. I’ve considered these courses for years but always ended up dismissing them as frivolous. Surely such unproductive and expensive forms of entertainment are a sign of priorities out of order. But lately I’ve come to view these activities as
I’m pretty good at public speaking, even extemporaneously. If we were at some event and the speaker was a no-show you could ask me to speak instead, and by the time I’d gone from my seat to the stage I’d have figured out something to say. I’ve gotten good at