Given today’s industrial food system, the green smoothie is a survival skill. With it you can add raw leafy greens to your diet painlessly. It has the power to transform someone who never eats vegetables into someone who eats veggies with breakfast. Here are two recipes: Coconut Strawberry Green Smoothie
I was at a party the other night chatting pleasantly with a young girl who was leaving for Africa to be a missionary. I kept my reservations about so-called mission-work to myself so as not to start a religious debate. Then she asked, “Who do you think Jesus was?” Not
After I was led by my unconscious to read C.G. Jung’s autobiography, I lost the urge to read much more. Instead I was drawn to, of all things, Michael Crichton’s autobiography. I’d found out some months earlier that he’d written one and his name kept surfacing in my mind. So
The idea to give up hot water seemed to come out of nowhere; an exhilarating thought that struck me as something I must do. So I unplugged my water heater. I washed dishes in cold water. I took cold showers. “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself. “Why are
I got rid of my Teflon coated pots and pans today. It turns out that the non-stick coating when heated above a certain temperature releases toxic fumes and carcinogens. Of course no human deaths have been directly linked to these coatings though an unsettling number of bird deaths have —
I have a clipboard that someone gave me. Whenever someone gives me a sheet of paper with something printed on it, I flip it over and slide it into the clipboard and write on the back. This way I never have to buy notebooks. I’ve been this way a long
I was raised with a Sunday-school metaphysics that made spirit out to be some sort of otherworldly substance separate from matter and mind. I never saw the stuff but was inclined to believe in it because of a class of experiences I called “spiritual” — experiences where I felt connected
I decided to take a break from studying the unconscious to read Michael Crichton’s autobiography, but no such luck. A few chapters into the book he tells about a time when his unconscious mind tried, repeatedly, to kill him. Consciously he had no desire to die. He was writing more
I took a personality test the other day that told me I was innovative, resourceful, and quite possibly an entrepreneur. How does that fit? Well, right after college I did found a company to pioneer innovative technologies, which we managed to do using only our wits, earnings from part-time jobs,
One of my greatest struggles in writing is my battle with pomposity. When I sit down to write it’s usually just to convey some interesting idea in plain speech. But when I actually start writing something strange happens and what comes out is irritatingly grand, solemn, and self-important. What’s odd