I once had the curious experience of starting the world’s first, and perhaps last, all-electric high-performance rental car company.

I got the idea after test-driving a Tesla Roadster, which blew me away. I wished everyone could have that experience, especially since the only EV most folks had ever driven was a golf cart. I wanted them to experience electric vehicle technology at its best.

A few days later I got the idea to buy and rent Tesla Roadsters so that more people could have that experience.

So in 2011, The Electric Vehicle Experience (EVXP) was born. During its course, my friend Jon and I supplied the Roadster to individuals, couples, and events; thereby allowing over a hundred people to experience important technology who might not have otherwise.

We ceased operations about a year later when Tesla ended production of the Roadster, as becoming an irreplaceable collectors-item rendered the car unsuitable for renting.