Salmon Cakes

Salmon cakes are fast becoming one of my favorite paleo-foods. Tonight I experimented with a modified recipe: instead of draining the water from the can I left it in and kept adding coconut flour till it thickened up.* The result? Larger more filling salmon cakes that pack 16 grams of fiber and 31 grams of protein each.

Why do I love these salmon cakes? Let me recount the ways:

– Inexpensive (around $1 each)
– Portable, compact, no need to reheat. The perfect take-along meal while on the go in the food desert.
– Four x more omega 3 than 6
– Ultra low carb (only 2g!)
– Filling (I couldn’t eat more than one)
– Tastier (and classier) than salmon straight out of the can.

Ingredients: canned salmon, eggs, coconut flour, spices (ex. dill, salt, pepper…)

Prep: mash together, shape into patties, cook.

*Coconut flour is my favorite new low carb, high protein and fiber weapon in the paleo-cooking arsenal. Fewer omega 6’s than almond flour and cheaper too.