3 months on a high-fat diet

As requested (not kidding), I’m posting a picture to help track what the paleo experiment is doing to me.

This is me after three months on a high-fat, low-carb, low exercise, paleo diet. Results so far are improved body composition, stable energy (no crashes), and a greater ability to resist sugar and flour.

‘High-fat’ means I am generally consuming upwards of 60% of my total calories as fat, putting me at around 2.5 x the RDA for fat and about 5 x the RDA for saturated fat.

‘Low-carb’ means 10 – 15% of total calories, which is about one fifth the RDA.

‘Paleo’ means dramatically reduced quantities of sugar, flour, legumes, and dairy, the goal being to eat more like what our ancestors ate pre-agriculture. Today that means eating wild or pastured meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, coconut, avocados, olives, nuts, fruit.

‘Low exercise’ means I am doing the minimum to invoke positive epigenetic effects: 25 to 40 minutes per week. No weights.

The hypothesis here being tested is that healthy fats are not the cause of obesity and heart-disease after all. Bad science and misguided government intervention has led to the demonizing of fat, which in turn has led to the over-consumption of carbohydrates and the invention of low-fat foods and franken-fat alternatives — an unprecedented and disastrous diet that is incompatible with our genetics and causing many, if not most, of today’s maladies.