A Fit of Sprints

So I’m crusing around my favorite new website this morning, basking in a renewed sense of sharp-mindedness and overall well being. I’ve been eating pure paleo for the past three days and feeling excellent.

Mark Sisson seems so spot on with his Primal Blueprint that I even download his free book on exercise (I hate exercise) in which he says something I’ve never heard a fitness guru say: Exercise how and when you feel like it.

What? I never feel like exercising. I’m the sort of person who has to force himself to. But I suddenly notice my body’s position: I’m sitting bolt upright on the edge of my chair, with my chest out and only the balls of my feet on the floor. My body is apparently poised for action and it hits me, I want to run. I haven’t run or jogged in at least two years let alone wanted to.

I flip to the section on running and find more uncommon advice: try sprinting for ten minutes or less, he says, and only about once a week. And sprint uphill — it’s easier on the knees because your feet travel less distance before hitting the ground.

San Francisco, where I am visiting, offers plenty of hills. There’s a large one right outside. I sprint up the hill and study the sensations in my body. It’s like I’m test driving a new car, seeing what it can do. It actually handles quite nicely! I feel incredible.

After the fourth time I stop. Not that I can’t do more, I just don’t feel like it. And apparently with my diet of primitive foods causing new genes to express themselves I can begin, perhaps for the first time ever, to use my own bodily intuition as a guide.