Eggs & MCT

Soft-boiled eggs and MCT. This simple pairing has become one of my favorite quick meals and for those in the health-optimizing, paleo, biohacker communities, it should serve you well. Here’s why:

Soft-boiled — Probably the simplest and purest way to cook eggs is by soft-boiling them. The egg cooks right inside the shell, eliminating the need for cooking oil (and thus any risk of choosing unhealthy oils or burning them). Also gone are the seemingly endless pitfalls of cookware: the potential dangers of non-stick coatings, excessive iron intake, etc.
      Soft-boiling makes the whites firm but keeps the yolks soft, thereby avoiding the potential dangers of oxidized cholesterol, which forms when the yolks are cooked solid.

MCT — Medium chain triglycerides are the darling of today’s healthy-fat movement: easily digested, excellent energy source, thermogenic, potentially neuro-protective, and who knows what else. Eggs are an excellent medium for consuming MCT, as the MCT oil only seems to enhance the taste.

High-Fat / Moderate-Protein / Low-carb — Two eggs and a tablespoon of MCT come in at around 24g of fat, helping me achieve my fat-centric diet. Two eggs also deliver a sensible ~12g of protein, which is supportive of a low-to-moderate protein diet while still leaving room for meat with a later meal. Carb content is negligible.

Egg cooker — I find that an egg cooker makes soft boiling easier. It takes ten seconds to set up, then I forget it till it starts beeping. An egg cooker also travels well, making it easy to make eggs & MCT on the road, or in the hotel room, thereby helping one to avoid the notorious and deleterious “continental breakfast.”
      I won’t recommend any brand of egg cooker because I’ve yet to find one that impresses me. While easier than using a pot and stovetop, the time setting still takes a lot of trial and error and needs adjusting depending on the size and number of eggs and their starting temperature. Maybe one day someone will make an egg cooker that weighs the eggs and adjusts the cook-time accordingly.