Fat-based Diet — A Menu

The biggest mistake people make when trying paleo or some variant is that they increase their fat intake too little. They cut back on carbs but instead of eating more fat they eat protein excessively.

Having been steeped in a low-fat, lipid-fearing paradigm, many of us since birth, it takes a deliberate effort to learn what are healthy fats and how to incorporate them into the diet. As someone who is experimenting with a diet based primarily on fat, I have had to learn. Here I share some of the sources and quantities of fat I frequently consume:

fat based menu

And here’s how I might take them throughout the day:

Butter Coffee: 8oz coffee and 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter, blended in a blender.

Eggs and MCT Oil: Two eggs, soft-boiled, drizzled with 1 tbsp of MCT oil.

Salad: Salad greens, olives, and half an avocado. Drizzle with a few tablespoons of olive oil or warm bacon grease, salt, pepper.

Macadamia Nuts: Higher in fat and lower in omega-6 than any other nut. I may snack on 1/4 cup of these throughout the day.

Heavy Cream: I’ll have around 1 cup throughout the day, sipped, in afternoon coffee, or over berries. Go grass-fed and raw, if you can.

Coconut Milk: Taken like the heavy cream. I alternate them for variety.

Cooked Greens: a bunch of kale, collards, or chard, cooked in bacon grease.

Buttery Sauerkraut: 1/2 cup of warm sauerkraut with 1 tbsp grass-fed butter, 1 tbsp MCT.

Sweet Potato: Cooked in my wood-stove the night before, mix in 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp MCT.

Remember, this isn’t a list of everything I eat but just the foods that commonly form the basis for my fat-based diet. I don’t list the wide variety of wild or pasture-raised meat and fish I consume, or all the varied micronutrient sources such as seaweed, mushrooms, and bone tea.

If you’re just starting out, take it easy and incorporate the increased fat gradually so your body has time to adapt (somewhere between 3 days to two weeks), or else expect a stomach ache. Consuming these healthy fats alongside protein, carbs, fiber, or even diluted with water (such as when drinking heavy cream or coconut milk) seems to prevent most stomach aches.