As it happens there are two different fuels our bodies can run on: glucose and ketones. Yet we moderns almost never run on ketones because of the modern diet’s abundance of glucose.

Entering ketosis requires maintaining a very low carb diet, less than 50g per day, and requires remaining steadfast while the body rejiggers itself to run on ketones, a period of several days that can be quite uncomfortable. But one who manages may be rewarded:

— The heart and brain run more efficiently on ketones.
— Ketones can slow aging by cleaning out our cells.
— Dramatic weight regulation (if necessary)

Ketosis is a rather unexplored frontier. Though it’s been used to successfully treat obesity, epilepsy, and even bi-polar disorder it’s long been at odds with the prevailing low-fat paradigm. This has meant a number of misguided attempts at high-protein ketogenic diets, which are inferior and unsustainable.

My current bet is that the low-fat paradigm is wrong and that our embrace of a high-fat diet means a whole new age of ketosis exploration. And that sounds like an adventure to me.