A common poisoning

Paleo people keep suggesting that, aside from sugar, I consider cutting out grain and possibly legumes and dairy too. They’re too recent of developments in human history, they say, especially compared to my millions of years old genetic code. Accordingly, they work as an allergen and even as a slow poison in a great many people.

“Not me,” I thought. I’ve been eating that stuff my whole life.

But as I continued to study the paleo diet I kept hearing so many reports of health problems going away, including acne. Wait a minute… I was afflicted by severe unrelenting acne most of my youth. It got so bad that I was eventually put on some serious drugs that bullied my glands-gone-wild into submission.

I’m pretty certain now that my acne was caused by one of these substances. Too bad we didn’t know better at the time. We were all under the impression that it was normal, that some people just got unlucky, that this was a part of youth some just had to cope with. “I had terrible acne too,” consoled my mother.

Well there’s nothing to do about the past but learn, and I am eager now to see how my body responds without these substances.