Next-level Paleo — Balanced 6:3

Having been so pleased with the basic paleo approach I’ve decided to up my game by balancing my omega 6-3 ratio.

For a long time I thought, like many, that “omega-3s are good.” But it’s probably not that simple. The latest theories are that it’s the ratio that matters most. And what should those ratios be? Many moderns have a ratio of 20:1 or 30:1 thanks to today’s standard American diet (SAD). The result is chronic inflammation which, research is beginning to show, may be the root cause of the most insidious diseases today. Our ancestors on the other hand, likely had an omega-6:3 ratio of as low as 1:1 and probably never experienced things like diabetes or heart-disease.

My goal is to finally end chronic inflammation in my body, which I have likely been afflicted with since shortly after being born. Eliminating sugar is the first most important step followed by balancing my omega-6 and 3 intake.

I have begun tracking intake with cronometer and then supplementing accordingly with fish oil. Some days I take 2 fish oil capsules, some days 20, depending on what I eat.

Getting visibility on various foods in cronometer has yielded some surprising insights. Like walnuts. Supposedly high in omega-3, right? Well they are high in omega-6s too. Five times as high. Which means they are not at all useful in righting the 6:3 ratio as I once believed.