Tip #1: Gorge Before Going

Sticking to a diet when out in public is difficult. If you haven’t noticed, people tend to sell whatever will keep you coming back for more rather than what is good for you. But I’ve discovered a few tricks to keep from straying that, on a high-fat diet, work especially well. I call this one Gorge Before Going.

Gorge Before Going is the most effective of my strategies. It means filling up on protein and fat before heading out. A few eggs, or half an avocado, a few sips of coconut milk. I do this even if I’m not hungry to inoculate myself against hunger.

As I said, some of these techniques work best on a high-fat diet and this is definitely one. First, the fat and protein provide a satisfying fullness longer than any other calorie source, meaning maximum protection while venturing out in the food desert. Second, you really can gorge because fat and protein absent the carbs will not cause one to gain weight. Besides, when I say gorge I mean to the extent that you can. Because on a high-fat diet one gets uncommonly full.