What My Health Insurance Company Doesn’t Know

I once wrote about how I got my health insurance premiums lowered by convincing the health insurance company to put me in their lowest risk class.

I did this by sending them my medical history and also including a letter explaining my frequent practice of drinking raw vegetables.

It’s funny to think what risk category I would have instead ended up in had I explained my current experiment of eating lots of fat. “As part of my uncommon commitment to health, I am now consuming about four times the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat.”

My medical charts, I suspect, would have looked much the same.*

Also humorous, is the high-fat shopping experience. The butcher, for example, thinks I’m buying (grass-fed) ground beef instead of ground sirloin because I’m trying to strike a balance between ethically responsible and cheap. But I’m actually buying the fattier beef for the fat.

I wonder if in ten years, supposing that low-fat-McCarthyism has ended and people are again eating fat, if ground beef will be more expensive than ground sirloin?

Then there is just about every other product I want. Like cottage cheese. Low fat… no fat… where is the bloody full-fat cottage cheese? You don’t carry any? Oh for crying out loud.

*Gary Taubes, a high-fat low-carb author (the Michael Pollan of the diet world), recently posted his blood test, showing a great lipid profile.