The Josh Whiton 2018 Tour

How can we elevate consciousness?
Is it possible to ‘trip’ without substances?
What is an ‘awakening’ experience?

Beyond talking about it, let Josh show you.

Josh offers three different group sessions. Each can be experienced by itself or, for greater benefit, stacked into one powerful day.

Satsang — An Experiential Conversation (2.5 hrs)

In this interactive conversation we open up the mind. Josh will get a ‘read’ on the audience through normal and supernormal inquiry and orchestrate a dialogue to transcend current perspectives.

Arriving in the Body on Earth (2.5 hrs)

For all the talk of being ’embodied’ almost no one is. In this session Josh guides us into greater embodiment, resulting in a profoundly new experience of being incarnate in the Earthplane.

True Nature Remembering (3 hrs)

During this unusual mix of meditation and energy work, Josh guides the group into remembering forgotten aspects of their own true nature. Attendees frequently experience significantly altered states, catharsis, updated worldviews, and full-on awakenings. Think aya without the aya, and more gentle.

About Josh

Josh founded numerous planet-enhancing ventures, was honored by a U.S. president, and made millions. Having won the rat-race, Josh then devoted himself to his own healing and enlightenment. For a decade he traveled the world, subjecting himself to extreme experiences, esoteric teachings, and experimental technologies. Advanced brainwave monitoring, hundreds of hours of meditation, hypnosis, energy work, indigenous medicine and everything in-between. All this left him with unusual insights into the nature of reality, which he can deftly articulate — and unusual abilities, which he can demonstrate.

If you’d like Josh to visit your town, contact us.