Sewn Camera

I’ve finished giving my* camera a proper minimalist makeover. I began by blacking-out, with electrical tape, all its extraneous markings and logos. I finished by sewing the camera strap to the camera, thereby eliminating the bulky, inflexible clips that typically secure camera straps.

sewn camera strap

I love the result. Just a few minutes of relaxing, utilitarian needle-work (I wouldn’t say I actually know how to sew) did much to harmonize the strap with the body. Now, no matter the angle, the strap drapes limply across the camera — no more clips getting in the way of buttons or getting caught under my hand.

Some might think this frivolous but I disagree. Simplicity is one of the most difficult elements of product design, user experience, and life in general… so I consider activities like this to be valuable exercises that train the mind to ferret simplicity out from all its hiding places — and especially that brand of simplicity that lends itself to improved functionality, which is my definition of elegance.

*Actually, this camera isn’t even mine but a friend’s that I’ve been borrowing. The fact that I can’t even count it among my actual possessions only bolsters its minimalism.