Whole Foods Listens

A friend who is also on a high-fat diet, lamented one day how our local Whole Foods lacked a full-fat, grass-fed, yogurt. In a brilliant move, which at the time I considered naive, she wrote them to ask if they would please carry some. Ten days later, it was on the shelf. I wondered if it was a coincidence.

Some time later I was standing in the same store lamenting how there wasn’t, and had never been, any milk on the shelf from grass-fed cows. I don’t even drink milk but so long as folks do, it ought to be coming from cows on grass.

So I wrote them. I thanked them for all the wonderful products they did carry, such as grass-fed heavy cream. I asked them to carry milk from grass-fed cows and included a link to Organic Valley’s Grassmilk, just to make it easy. A month later, it was on the shelf.

Let me reiterate that this is the first grass-fed milk that our local Whole Foods has ever carried. And bringing it about was easier than expected.

“Voting with our dollars” is something I believe we as consumers have hardly begun to do. And sometimes the first step is to get good, real food, on the ballot (or store shelf, rather) — which apparently a simple act can do.

So if you shop at Whole Foods and notice that they could be carrying foods more “whole” than they currently offer (think full-fat, un-homogenized, grass-fed, pasture-centered), use their handy Product Request link and ask them to.

And if you are a milk drinker and shop at Whole Foods on Wade in Raleigh please buy some Grassmilk.