Interconscious Communication

One of my greatest recent discoveries is that my mind is not a single thread of intelligence but a panoply of intelligences. And I am much smarter, and life works much better, when there is fluid communication between them.

I can tell when communication in my psyche is good. For one, my thoughts are more variegated. There are logical thoughts (if this, then this). But there are also intuitions ā€” whole plans of action and decisive conclusions that require no conscious thought and simply surface in my mind. I am also more able to act without thought, by instinct.

There is also an increase in synchronicity ā€” events frequently occur that are so important or fortunate that they seem, not coincidental, but orchestrated.

Some things seem to destroy my connection to the other members of my psyche. Food is one: junk food, too much food, excessive alcohol.

Information is another. Information consumes attention. And when our attention is consumed by outward sources there is little attention left to process information from inward sources.

You might think that we would always want to be as intelligent as we can possibly be. That we would be careful not to do anything that would cut us off from the rest of the psyche. Our actions, however, show otherwise. We commonly eat unhealthy food. We binge on information.

Why? Why would we so carelessly diminish our intelligence? Why would we cut ourselves off from the rest of the psyche?

One reason is that we are ignorant of the other members of the psyche. Few are taught, and few discover, that we are composed of more than the I that we are aware of when we use the word I. So we are careless about staying connected to them.

Another reason is that we are aware enough of the other members of the psyche to want to run from them. The other members of the psyche tend to say a lot of things we don’t want to hear. They whisper to us about our fears, insecurities, weaknesses, and addictions. They tell us what we must do in order to grow. They tell us what we must change. And often we don’t want to hear.

Everyone knows that food and information can be used to escape. Few understand what they are escaping from.