Where to find ghosts

It’s strange how everyone knows what ghosts are though we don’t bump into them often (or ever, some might say). Still we intuitively understand what a ghost is or, at least, what a ghost would be.

But maybe the reason ghosts are such a common conception is because we actually do bump into them often. Maybe even constantly. Because when I contemplate myself I find that I am a body being animated by a ghostly thing called mind.

Exactly what mind is, no one can say. It’s just some sort of invisible force that inhabits, possesses, and controls. And rather than haunting attics and cellars it haunts bodies and brains.

In which case we may be overlooking most ghosts, always expecting to find them “out there” somewhere when they are right under our noses — or rather just above our noses and behind our eyes.

Maybe we should wonder less about what goes bump in the night and more about this voice in our heads; less about whether something mysterious drove that glass off the counter, more about what’s driving our bodies to wake up each day and walk this world.

Which may explain why I’ve never really seen a ghost yet feel somehow that they do exist. It may explain why I’m a little afraid to stare too long into someone’s eyes.