About Josh Whiton

Josh Whiton is an eco-tech entrepreneur turned consciousness explorer and innovator. He is fully devoted to the increase and elevation of consciousness, and believes it holds the key to treating each other and our planet better. Josh travels the world studying, experiment with, and experiencing extraordinary states of consciousness, and shares his adventures and findings by writing, speaking, and guiding people into transformative experiences.

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Enlightenment Is Real

From planetary ruin to politics, it’s easy to see that we humans have hit the limits of our current level […]


Earth: More Than a Raw Material — an Ecosystem

For too long our civilization has treated the planet as 100% raw material, 0% living ecosystem. It’s a severe misperception […]


Clear and Present Solutions for the Climate Crisis

The conversation around climate change seems to be shifting from “Is it real?” and “Is it really all that serious?” […]

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