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I had the privilege of founding TransLoc with some brilliant and adventurous friends. Today TransLoc is used by over 300 forward-thinking transit agencies who are working to evolve public transit. The company garnered an award from the Obama White House and is also #5 on FastCompany's 2017 list of the most innovative companies in transportation, right alongside Uber and Tesla. TransLoc can enhance the transit systems of cities, universities, hospitals, airports, and corporations, getting cars off the road and reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants. If you or someone you know would like to improve transportation in their town, tell them about TransLoc today!

Raleigh City Farm

Starting a community garden convinced me that many city-dwellers wanted to learn to grow food. Most of my peers had never grown anything; few of our parents had either. Food was just something that magically showed up on a grocery store shelf from somewhere, somehow. I went looking for ways to demonstrate the responsible growing of food to as many people as possible, and to make it easy for curious folks to get involved. I found some friends who wanted the same thing and eventually we took over an abandoned lot downtown, just a mile from city-center. Today, tens of thousands of people visit the farm each year to volunteer, buy local produce, and even learn how to grow their own food. With its central location, an estimated 15,000 people pass by the spot daily and are made to consider, even if unconsciously, the matter of where food comes from and their own role, whether producer or consumer. Learn more to see how you can get involved.


MakeSoil matches people who make compost at home with neighbors who are willing to contribute their food scraps and waste. Soil Makers and Soil Supporters work together to divert millions of tons of food waste from landfills each year, turning it into nourishing, life-giving soil instead. Why treat the planet like garbage when we can compost instead? Check out to see how you can get involved.