Story Slam

Before the other night I’d never been to, or wanted to go to, a story-slam. Regardless, I went to one while visiting Boston, and actually won. Thanks to Katherine and Jonathan for helping induce the herd mentality that landed us all on stage.

One Thought on “Story Slam”

  • So there is greater "plausible deinlbiaity" that is afforded with mercs than say, a Jason Bourne government agent? I'm not so sure. Say our enemies capture some Blackwater, errr, I mean Academi dudes doing something that we need done but we don't want to say it. I think folks will be able to tell who and why. Currently, Obama hasn't admitted that we are sending drones into Yemen. But is there any doubt? And we aren't contracting this out…. but if we were, would that make it less obvious?

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