TransLoc is the most cutting-edge tech company in public transit. I had the privilege of founding it with some brilliant and adventurous friends. Today TransLoc works with nearly 150 municipal transit agencies, universities, airports, and corporate shuttles to cut carbon emissions and other pollutants by getting people out of cars and onto efficient, convenient mass-transit, enhanced with our revolutionary technology.

Here’s a glimpse of how we do it:

1. We show everyone where all the buses, trains, routes and stops are — in real-time, all the time. People who get to see all of that infrastructure waiting to serve them, are more inclined to use it.

2. We use data given to us by our users to understand where people come from and where they want to go. That’s something that transit-agencies, believe it or not, have before now never actually known. Put another way, we’re now able to see the difference between where some transit stops are, and where they should be.

3. We partner with companies like Uber to get people to transit routes that would otherwise be too much of a hassle to get to. By hybridizing people’s commute, we help them get both the benefits of inexpensive, eco-friendlier public-transit with the speed and convenience of ride-sharing services.

4. We help transit agencies to run their own on-demand, ride-sharing services so riders hail transit vehicles from their smartphones, while we manage vehicle routing and passenger pick-ups automatically.

We do all this and more. And the impact of these upgrade to mass-transit is so significant that it has me wondering, could TransLoc help double or triple carbon-reducing mass-transit ridership in America? I think so.