The Road to Self-acceptance

L’Arche is unlike the rest of the world where we posture all day to prove our worth. Where we wonder incessantly: Am I successful? Am I attractive? Am I in control?

There are many people here who are none of these things. Weak and unattractive people by worldly standards. Yet they are loved — loved more and loved better than most “normal” people in the outside world.

After a few days here one starts to relax. I can let my defenses down. I can stop posturing. Because if this community loves and accepts these people who are so incapable, what have I to fear? If they are worthy of love then surely I am too.

An ugly train of thought, I know. But if people here knew it was in my head they would love me anyway. They’d be glad I was approaching self acceptance, even if by a shabby road.

Trosly-Breuil, France
December 2010