Enlightenment Is Real

From planetary ruin to politics, it’s easy to see that we humans have hit the limits of our current level of consciousness. How much pain and destruction lies ahead depends on how quickly we take human consciousness to the next level. This makes it a fine time for us all to remember that… Enlightenment is … Continued

Earth: More Than a Raw Material — an Ecosystem

For too long our civilization has treated the planet as 100% raw material, 0% living ecosystem. It’s a severe misperception and a mistake that, multiplied by some seven billion people, can no longer be ignored. As an entrepreneur I readily admit that business is especially culpable. There is perhaps no other force that has consumed … Continued

Clear and Present Solutions for the Climate Crisis

The conversation around climate change seems to be shifting from “Is it real?” and “Is it really all that serious?” to are more earnest and urgent, “Well now what do we do?” And the answers is? Wide-ranging and often unclear. We have the sensible but mundane: change your lightbulbs, ride, walk or take the bus … Continued

Why Magic Lost to Technology (and why it’s making a comeback)

Somewhere during human history magic lost to technology. Technology came to dominate our mindshare while magic was relegated to superstition. I, like many, assumed magic lost because it turned out not to be real. As a young techno-capitalist I was ok with this; I was into computers and the whole world needed an upgrade. But … Continued

Money is a Neurotransmitter

Money was a great invention. With it, we found a way to get people to do things for us, or give things to us, without resorting to abject slavery or direct force. In this way, for thousands of years, money has been helping contribute to a more stable society. But along the way money has … Continued

There Are No Orcs

Stories like the Lord of the Rings make me want to do something brave. When the movie ends or I set down the book, I nearly call for my sword. But I have no sword or anyone to swing one at. Then I remember: there are no Orcs. I wish there were. I wish being … Continued

Gratitude Snacks & Brainwaves

  My travel companion and I finished breakfast at the restaurant and stood up to leave. But before going there was something I wanted to say. “I’m grateful that we found this restaurant. There was no wait and we had nice seats looking out from this big window. And the staff was friendly and took … Continued

How to Become Gandhi

I encountered the life of Gandhi in my late twenties through the movie and his autobiography. I was astounded by how driven he was toward a purpose few have touched, how he owned almost nothing but the clothes he wore, how he was revered by friends and even political enemies, how he treated both equally … Continued

Interstellar’s Missed Opportunity

Interstellar disappointed me. Not that I dislike technology or space exploration, in fact I’ve made my living as a tech entrepreneur. I’m even a limited partner in a space-focused venture capital fund. But Interstellar missed a huge opportunity. In the movie, a blight is destroying nearly all the world’s food supply. Only two crops remain: … Continued

Periodic Protein Restriction

One of my favorite dietary technologies is Periodic Protein Restriction.[1] I covered it years ago on the site as part of other posts. But now, having withstood the test of time and grown in popularity, I’m finally giving it a post of its own. What it is: Periodic Protein Restriction means not eating protein for … Continued

My Ridiculous Treadmill Desk

I’ve finished building my second treadmill desk. Now I have one at both my east and west coast basecamps. As the name implies, a treadmill desk (aka tread-desk or walking desk) is the mashup of a treadmill with a desk. And it lets computer users replace sitting with walking. Sitting, it turns out, is terrible … Continued

The Next Silicon Valley

Cities around the world are wondering how to become “the next Silicon Valley.” In fact, if you get a Silicon Valley address and know how to make slides, you can actually have a nice time traveling the world as a consultant advising cities how to do this. I once got to see some consultants give … Continued

The Best Meat is Illegal to Buy

There’s an article going around today on the audacious idea of making it legal to sell wild game.[1] If that doesn’t sound audacious, it’s probably because you, like most, had no idea that it’s illegal to buy and sell wild game to begin with. But it is. I found out years ago after making the … Continued


Four years ago, I stumbled onto a clothier’s going-out-of-business-sale. I needed a new pair of jeans and surprisingly, their jeans fit well. So I bought five pairs (boot-cut) and congratulated myself for being so clever. How long might this cache of jeans last me? Ten, fifteen years? I might never have to go shopping ever … Continued

Sewn Camera

I’ve finished giving my* camera a proper minimalist makeover. I began by blacking-out, with electrical tape, all its extraneous markings and logos. I finished by sewing the camera strap to the camera, thereby eliminating the bulky, inflexible clips that typically secure camera straps. I love the result. Just a few minutes of relaxing, utilitarian needle-work … Continued

Rich Kids

I once went to a seminar for wealthy parents on how not to spoil their children. Not that I have kids but I did have a free ticket. And I’d long been curious as to why people who become “successful” through struggle and striving so often breed underdeveloped loafers. The seminar lasted all day but … Continued


A recent article labeled me and Tim Ferriss as guys who think “way too much about women’s orgasms, the weight of their own feces and how to game the Red Cross so they can do more bloodletting.” It’s ambiguous, but I think it’s the part about bloodletting that’s meant to be attributed to me. Since … Continued

Cerebro is Real

I mused last week on the concept of synchronicity after an interesting experience I had. Analytics show the piece was not widely read. But the following day I was contacted (which takes strangers some doing) by two curious fellows, one a psychoanalyst and the other a writer, both who investigate meaningful coincidences and the esoteric … Continued

This Morning’s Fire

Synchronicity – A phenomenon where an event in the outside world coincides meaningfully with a psychological state of mind. I awoke this morning to a loud fire alarm, coming from a new apartment complex nearby still under construction. I wasn’t surprised; this alarm had gone off dozens of times over the past two months, sometimes … Continued

Real Work

In college I took one philosophy class… and failed. I failed because I didn’t turn in a paper worth a quarter of my grade. I didn’t turn it in because I didn’t feel it would make a real contribution to philosophy. Philosophy already seemed so muddled, I didn’t want to add to the clutter. Of … Continued